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Respite Services

Take time away with the comfort of knowing that your foster children will be in a safe and loving environment.  Delta Family Services provides Respite Care Services for foster families in the Philadelphia area and surrounding counties.  Please give us a call today to find out more about our respite services.


Here are a few things to remember...

  • All respite care needs to be cleared with your Delta case worker prior to the actual stay in respite. Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) requires a 15 day notice.


  • All respite care needs to take place with an approved Delta respite or foster care provider.


  • The respite provider WILL receive the payment for caring for the child, NOT the foster parent.


  • Delta WILL ONLY PAY for respite that is over night. When respite is provided during the day, the foster parent is responsible for payment to the respite provider.


  • Both the foster parent and respite provider must call the Respite hotline at Delta to report when the child has arrived at the respite home and when the child has been returned to the foster parent. Call 215-887-6300 X234.  State the foster parent's name, the respite provider's name, name of the child, and date and times of the start and end of respite care.


  • At NO time is there allowed to be more than 6 children under the age of 18 in your home.


  • All adults 18 and older must have FBI, Child Abuse and Criminal Clearances prior to providing respite.