Become a Foster Parent

Discover the rewards of being a Foster Parent.

Helping a child or youth through a difficult time due to family instability is invaluable and highly rewarding. Many of Delta’s foster parents have helped dozens of children while providing important mentoring services to help other parents to succeed. The value of helping our children and youth reach their potential is immeasurable, yet so necessary to our community.

What is the application process?

Delta’s prospective foster parents participate in a thorough application and training process before children and youth are placed in their homes. Background checks, a complete application including references, and a home visit are required. Delta’s training is comprehensive and includes topics, such as CPR, First Aid, and Crisis Management.

What are the requirements?*

  • You must be 21 years of age or older with clean driving record
  • You must provide:
    • Valid driver’s license or State ID
    • A completed Foster Parent Application
    • Proof of income for the previous two years
      (ex: tax return, W2, or a letter from your employer verifying length of employment and salary)
    • Copy of driver’s license, vehicle registration, and auto insurance
    • Proof of homeowner’s insurance (if applicable)
    • Proof of renter’s insurance (if applicable)

Learn more at our monthly orientation class.

Call or email us for dates and times.

Patricia Gordon
Foster Parent Recruiter
215-887-6300 x186

*Please note: All prospective foster parents are required to submit a completed Foster Parent Application, as well as Criminal, Child Abuse, and FBI fingerprint clearance for all individuals living in the home who are 18 years of age and older. Individuals ages 14 and older are required to submit Disclosures.
Delta will cover the expense of clearances for applicant 1 and applicant 2. Applicants applying together must be married, significant others and/or life partners. Also, applicants must have their physician complete a required Delta Physical form.