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Frequently Asked Questions 



1. What is Delta Community Supports, Inc.?

Delta Community Supports, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization that was established in 1977.  President, David Wyher, founded Delta to offer the best lives possible to adults with developmental challenges.  Delta successfully operates 28 residential homes, and a dynamic community center in Bucks County.  Services are provided in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


2. What is Family Services?

In 1995, Delta created a Family Services division that began offering foster care services to children, youth, and families.  Delta's professional staff and foster parent partners provide required services to children, youth, and their families in court ordered foster care.  Delta's caring, loving, and innovative approach has enabled it to build an excellent reputation and become a model for other agencies.  In addition to general foster care, Delta offers Kinship, Medical, Treatment, and Supervised Independent Living programs.  Delta is also a full service adoption agency providing complete services to its foster parents and others in the community who seek to adopt a child or youth.  Delta primarily serves Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.


3. What is Foster Care?

Foster parents help children, youth, and teenagers thrive when their own parents, for reasons such as illness, cannot take care of them.  Delta's foster parents actually raise the children, youth, and teenagers, and are responsible for meeting their needs until they can return to their parents or find a permanent home.  Delta's capable and committed staff is always available to help.


4. What paperwork is required to complete the Foster Parent application process? 

Delta's prospective foster parents participate in a thorough application and training process before children, youth, and teenagers are placed in their homes.  Background checks, a complete application including referencesproof of income, physical, and a home visit are required.  Delta's training is comprehensive and includes topics as CPR, First Aid, and Crisis Management.


5. What are the rewards for being a Foster Parent? 

Helping a child, youth, or teenager through a difficult time due to family instability often provides its own rewards.  Many of Delta's foster parents have helped literally dozens of children, youth and/or teenagers by providing essential mentoring services, thus enabling other parents to succeed while growing personally and professionally.  The value of helping our children, youth, and teenagers reach their potential is immeasurable, yet so necessary to our community.


6. How long does it take to become a foster parent?

It can take approximately three months depending on applicant's work schedule and processing of foster parent application, criminal, child abuse, FBI fingerprint, home study, physical, and other required documentation.


7. Are Foster Parents required to have a dental and/or physical exam?

Yes, Foster Parents are required to have a physical exam. There is a required form that must be filled out by the physician.  Dental exams are not required at this time.  Also, Foster Parents must be physically able to care for a child and free of communicable diseases.


8. Are credit checks performed on Foster Parents?

All prospective Foster Parents must submit evidence of financial stability for 2 years by providing the most recent  W-2 form for wage verification.


9. When will the home safety check begin?

A Resource Family Certification Specialist can be assigned to an applicant at any time.  To expedite the process, it is best to have your home set up for the foster child that you are planning to care for along with all the necessary safety components needed to approve your home.


10. What is a Resource Family Certification Specialist looking for during the home safety check?

The following list is including but not limited to:

  • Home is clean, sanitary, and free of fire hazards, such as hanging wires
  • Electrical outlets are tamper-proof if needed
  • Home has at least one working land line telephone for emergencies
  • Functional hot and cold water
  • Functional heat, electricity, and/or gas 
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition and mounted correctly
  • At least one working fire extinguisher
  • All medications are inaccessible 
  • Cleaning supplies, toxic substances, etc. are inacessible
  • Room has adequate floor space for safety and comfort 
  • Each child has a bed of their own 
  • Cribs meet all safety requirements 


11. When are checks processed for Foster Parents?

If mailed, paper checks are processed the seventh business day of each month.  If direct deposit is set up, checks are deposited either on the sixth or seventh day of the month depending on your bank processing schedule.  Direct deposit is the preferred method and is set up during the application process.