Get Involved

Make a Charitable Donation

Are you ready to support our programs for children and families? If so, you can become a partner by making a tax-deductible, charitable gift to Delta Family Services. The COVID19 pandemic posed many challenges for our programs. Nevertheless, with community assistance, we continued serving children and families. We succeeded by:

  • Supporting 400 children living in foster care
  • Providing transitional housing and life skills training to 90 young adults leaving foster care
  • Delivering vocational and life skills education to 101 youth, in person and also through digital platforms
  • Finalizing adoptions for 31 children
  • Providing adoption preparation services to 463 children

Our programs operate under the 501 C 3, tax-exempt sponsorship of Delta Community Supports, Inc. Consequently, we invite you to stay in touch with us via Instagram (@DeltaFamilyPA) and Twitter (@DeltaFamilyPA). You can also click here to connect with us on Facebook at Delta Family Services. In addition, you can view posts from our fiscal sponsor at Delta Community Supports. We use social media to highlight activities and also to publish updates on the ways your investment helps people in need.

Become a Resource/Foster Parent

Welcoming a child in your home as a foster parent can be rewarding for you — and also for the child. You can provide a family support system for a child who is in the midst of a transition. For example, your family can support a child awaiting adoption. On the other hand, you can care for a child waiting to return to their birth parents. Family Foster Care (FFC) is a planned, goal directed service that provides:

  • 24-hour care for children in an approved foster home of six youth or less (including natural children)
  • Services to birth/legal parents (and other potential permanent caregivers) aimed at achieving permanency for children through reunification with birth/legal parents, adoption, or permanent legal custodianship
  • Services to prepare youth aged 14 years and older for independent living.

Become a Mentor

We work with employers, faith communities, and civic groups who want to support our youth. If you would like to get involved with our programs, call us. We conduct mentoring activities that are as short as one day — or as long as several months. Older youth in our Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program have a special need for career guidance. Many of them have moved across multiple foster homes — and several schools, too. We connect youth with a range of caring adults who can address the knowledge gaps that parents normally fill.

The photo below shows our friends from Zoom Info. This corporate partner has sponsored annual workplace giving drives for our programs. In addition, they also host career days for our youth.

Get involved like these volunteers from Zoom Info
Volunteers from Zoom Info work with our older youth